The Seaside Views of Zoe Murphy


Do you appreciate a good view when you see one? It could be of the beach at sunset or snow-covered trees in the mountains or a full moon in the desert sky. Anything. But do you actually see it, when you happen to see it as often as everyday?

The young British designer Zoe Murphy clearly does. She draws on the seaside views in her hometown of Margate as inspiration for her bespoke creations. Murphy prints her images on re-used mid-20th century furniture, resulting in fresh, colorful and optimistic pieces. She also loves recycled textiles – everything from old silk wedding dresses to Formica.

Her Margate textile collection (shown above) is made from 100% recycled patchwork and panel silks, combined and printed with her colorful images of the landmarks and people of Margate. (Email Zoe for details and pattern availability).

The Patchwork footstool (from $260) is upholstered in one of the available patterns; her Cushions ($95 each) mix the Margate patterns and are backed with recycled cotton. The Wall pieces (from $95) are made from reclaimed wood and Formica, also printed with unique Margate images including menus and signage. I adore the charming “Windbreaker” retro side table as well as the Dining Table (from $1,040).

Go ahead, appreciate your own views. Love what belongs to you.

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