About me

I am a TRH Mastery Practitioner and completed The Reflective Horse® Mastery Program.

After 20+ years of 12-step recovery and tons of traditional talk therapy, I began my journey with horses and experienced a profound healing. In their presence I was catapulted into a deeper understanding of my true nature and intuitive knowing. It was as if my DNA remembered the Truth, that I was perfect and always had been, despite what my mind told me. For years I ‘worked’ at staying true to myself, at finding my voice, but the ultimate shift occurred with horses. A somatic reprogramming. A path to freedom. Horses shared their wisdom with me and that was it — I knew I wanted to help others on the same journey.

My experience with horses has been varied — I volunteered and cared for a herd of ten horses and other animals at a private sanctuary in Topanga Canyon, CA. I went on to volunteer and then work for Skydog Ranch & Sanctuary in Malibu, CA with a focus on rescuing wild mustangs and burros. I also completed a training in mustang gentling at Lifesavers Wild Horse Rescue.

I have 25 years of sobriety in Alcoholics Anonymous and am fully recovered from an eating disorder. I journeyed for 10 days in Joshua Tree at a Vipasanna meditation silent retreat and have a consistent practice. I communicate with animals, do yoga, play the occasional game of tennis, and am a vegan.

In January, 2021 I moved to rural Arroyo Grande on the central coast of California with my rescue pitbull Blue and cat Bella, to live and work with horses full time.​ 

Over the years I’ve experienced and participated in other healing modalities & trainings that I often integrate into my current work and offerings.

12-step recovery
Vipasanna meditation 
Animal communication
Energy healing & medical intuition 
Liberty horsemanship
Wild mustang gentling