Lustables: Weave Credenza

A luscious, woven wood masterpiece made of FSC certified scraps. The Weave Credenza from Structured Green would make a stylish statement in any room. Made entirely of FSC certified wood, the decorative door fronts of this gorgeous piece are made from leftover fragments of wood woven together. It's worthy of lots of lust as well … Continue reading Lustables: Weave Credenza

Lustables: Kaktus Stool

An architecturally stunning stool that stands in as a basket. "Beautifully delicate in appearance, unfathomably strong in construction," the Kaktus Stool ($250) from Artecnica is pretty much perfect. Use it as a stool, of course, or turn it upside down and it becomes a basket. Made from recycled aluminum, designer and Artecnica co-founder, Enrico Bressan, … Continue reading Lustables: Kaktus Stool

Lustables: Casanova Sofa

Be wooed by the smooth moves of the Kelly sofa. At first sight, I fell for the Kelly sofa ($2,972 as shown above) and its subtle, svelte curves. Not voluptuous nor androgynous; just the perfect fit for any space. The yellow print upholstery adds a playful beat, but even in a solid hue the Kelly … Continue reading Lustables: Casanova Sofa

Lumi: Pure and Natural Textile Printing

If you're familiar with textiles and design, you've probably heard of screen-printing, digital printing, and maybe even sublimation. All three are printing technologies used to create pretty patterns and pictures on fabric. But I would bet the Eames chair and ottoman I'm saving up for, that you don't know about the Lumi Process. It's a … Continue reading Lumi: Pure and Natural Textile Printing

The Look of Refurbished Lockers (Without the Hassles of High School)

My memories of high school are not what you'd call nostalgic. In fact, you couldn't bribe me with eco-gifts and organic treats to return and relive the nonsense of it all. Despite the oodles of teen angst, I did manage to graduate with a strong B average while spending most of my time playing sports … Continue reading The Look of Refurbished Lockers (Without the Hassles of High School)

Covered by Coconut

It seems logical to me - coconuts and good design. I've heard of stranger things, so when I heard that Bahia coconut shells were being used to produce an interior design surface material, I didn't even flinch. In fact, I thought it's about time. Okay, not exactly, but it is innovative and ultra exotic. EKOBE … Continue reading Covered by Coconut

Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant

We try to showcase a range of furniture genres here at EcoSalon, offering an eco-shopping option as well as eye candy galore for all. And I'm usually pretty adept at pegging a style when I see one. The best way I know to describe the raw, natural and hand-crafted aesthetic of Moe Design Studio, is … Continue reading Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant

Another Chair? No, Not Really…

Before you accuse me of being a tad too fond of a certain seat-like piece of furniture, let me explain. This chair isn't exactly that, and although it looks and acts like one, I swear"¦it's not really a chair. At least I wouldn't want to sit on it. Ouch. Tokujin Yoshioka, the designer of Venus … Continue reading Another Chair? No, Not Really…

If This Wood Could Tell Us Its Story, It Would

It sounds like an oxymoron - Urban Hardwoods, as in city and trees, but it's actually right on target and accurately describes the Seattle-based company that salvages fallen trees and turns the wood into fabulous furniture. Not a newbie to the field of green, Urban Hardwoods has been rescuing wood in the Northwest close to … Continue reading If This Wood Could Tell Us Its Story, It Would

A Purpose for Plastic: the RD Legs Chair

Like it or not, our planet is stuck with leftover plastic from years of oblivious consumption and waste. But rather than complain about the pile up, why not take the matter into your own hands? Richard Liddle, of UK-based Cohda Design, did just that. He found a way to use trash to create something new … Continue reading A Purpose for Plastic: the RD Legs Chair

Lounge for a Lifetime in Bamboo

Frank Gehry's cardboard Wiggle Chair is a favorite of mine (unfortunately it's not reclaimed or recycled - it was the 70s and 80s, of course), and there have been many attempts since to re-create something similar, but sustainably. I have yet to see such a strong resemblance as this. The bamboo Lounge and Dining Chairs … Continue reading Lounge for a Lifetime in Bamboo

Find Your Eco in a Lost & Found Stool

Lately I think I'm going through an earlier-than-mid-life slight case of feeling "lost". Not lost as in lacking hope, but rather the lost that sits low in your stomach and nags until you can't help but hear it whispering "Yes, do that thing you've been pondering. Do it now." This is how it happened that … Continue reading Find Your Eco in a Lost & Found Stool

The Power of Colorful (and Eco) Steel

Fashion this season has taken on a bright and colorful slant - it's no wonder the world of furniture design is following suit. If a beautiful blouse or a sumptuous sofa is dressed in a dazzling color, it can create all kinds of crazy - the good kind of crazy, of course. The properly placed … Continue reading The Power of Colorful (and Eco) Steel

Housefish Has the Key to Modular Storage

The era of sprawling McMansions and their five-car garages is gone for good. We've recognized the need to downsize to a right-size that better serves our planet, and we're acting accordingly. Smaller homes may save energy and money, but they certainly don't provide much storage space. So now we're seeking something simple to assemble, lovely … Continue reading Housefish Has the Key to Modular Storage

It’s Paper. It’s a Chair. It’s Paperchair.

The fact that young product designers just out of school are setting their sights on sustainable is truly a blessing. And they don't seem to be doing it for the money or the fame - but more as a mission. An eco-mission, that is. To them it's a no brainer, a given rather than an … Continue reading It’s Paper. It’s a Chair. It’s Paperchair.

The PETal Lamp Shade

Timing is everything. And sometimes timing is just plain bad. To wit, I recently bought a pendant lamp for my dining room, installed it and was really pleased breaking bread below it...and then I came across the petal lamp shade. Now I'm experiencing a serious case of buyer's remorse. The Petal Lamp Shade has approximately … Continue reading The PETal Lamp Shade

Gustavian Dreams

Forgive me, but I never fail to get excited about pretty green things. And while it's not breaking news that vintage is a fabulous way to shop, I can't help but shout when something old becomes new again - especially when it's something made with an exquisite emphasis on craftsmanship rather than mass production. The … Continue reading Gustavian Dreams

The Seaside Views of Zoe Murphy

Do you appreciate a good view when you see one? It could be of the beach at sunset or snow-covered trees in the mountains or a full moon in the desert sky. Anything. But do you actually see it, when you happen to see it as often as everyday? The young British designer Zoe Murphy … Continue reading The Seaside Views of Zoe Murphy