The Look of Refurbished Lockers (Without the Hassles of High School)

My memories of high school are not what you'd call nostalgic. In fact, you couldn't bribe me with eco-gifts and organic treats to return and relive the nonsense of it all. Despite the oodles of teen angst, I did manage to graduate with a strong B average while spending most of my time playing sports … Continue reading The Look of Refurbished Lockers (Without the Hassles of High School)

Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant

We try to showcase a range of furniture genres here at EcoSalon, offering an eco-shopping option as well as eye candy galore for all. And I'm usually pretty adept at pegging a style when I see one. The best way I know to describe the raw, natural and hand-crafted aesthetic of Moe Design Studio, is … Continue reading Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant

Little Orphan Trudy Recycled Plates

Poor little plates, unwanted, unloved and discarded. That is, until Daddy Warbucks, or rather Christopher Jagmin gets hold of them. Then the magic happens. Jagmin finds his "orphans" at estate and garage sales and flea markets. Any shape, size or pattern will do. A complete "makeover" follows that involves cleaning, polishing and the application of … Continue reading Little Orphan Trudy Recycled Plates

Gustavian Dreams

Forgive me, but I never fail to get excited about pretty green things. And while it's not breaking news that vintage is a fabulous way to shop, I can't help but shout when something old becomes new again - especially when it's something made with an exquisite emphasis on craftsmanship rather than mass production. The … Continue reading Gustavian Dreams

For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE

What's a girl to put on her fingers if diamonds or their counterparts are off-limits or out of her budget? All kinds of green options exist to glam our hands without gouging the environment or supporting civil warfare - from vintage to recycled to reused to repurposed. The jewels created by Los Angeles designer Amanda … Continue reading For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE

Handmade One of a Kind Finds for Less Than $25

The current climate of corporate cutbacks and headcount hacking doesn't exactly send me spending, especially on frivolities like jewelry. But when the jewels are vintage and priced within any penny-pincher's budget, it doesn't hurt to look, does it? I hope not, because I couldn't help myself. The gems and trinkets at Eclectic Eccentricity (say that … Continue reading Handmade One of a Kind Finds for Less Than $25

The Seaside Views of Zoe Murphy

Do you appreciate a good view when you see one? It could be of the beach at sunset or snow-covered trees in the mountains or a full moon in the desert sky. Anything. But do you actually see it, when you happen to see it as often as everyday? The young British designer Zoe Murphy … Continue reading The Seaside Views of Zoe Murphy

Wearing Eco on the Inside and Out

Sometimes I wonder if the small eco-efforts I make each day actually affect anything at all, let alone the larger eco-atmosphere. At other times I haven't a worry or a wonder, and am grateful to carry on with my day changing what I can. I do know that the green movement is firmly established as … Continue reading Wearing Eco on the Inside and Out

Eco-Concrete by Gore Design Co.

Fortunately, we've reached the point where it is not only un-cool, but offensive when companies ignore their footprint and don't face eco-reality. Despite the plethora of green-going ventures out there, I'm still impressed when I come across another design studio forging ahead, breaking new green ground without compromising creative philosophy. Gore Design Co. is such … Continue reading Eco-Concrete by Gore Design Co.

5 Favorite Cutting Edge Eco-Chairs

I'm all about sitting. I'm a mover and a shaker when the occasion requires, but when it's time to call it quits I bet my butt finds a chair before yours. How can I be so sure? Because I was master of musical chairs in kindergarten. I would somehow throw my little body into place … Continue reading 5 Favorite Cutting Edge Eco-Chairs

The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting

Maybe it's the way they can make or break a room, like the way the perfect accessory can pull together an outfit. Or maybe the whys don't matter as much as the facts. Eco-lighting is front-page news and everyone who's anyone is making the switch to green. For your viewing pleasure, I've gathered a cutting … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting

Kitchen One – Holey Green Cabinetry

I love food and I finish everything on my plate. In other words, I don't "do" leftovers. My mother, on the other hand, has a refrigerator packed with a small army of Tupperware containers. Each one holds a fragment of this and a portion of that. She loves leftovers. Fortunately, in the world of green … Continue reading Kitchen One – Holey Green Cabinetry

Save a Tree, One Gift at a Time

Are you tired of showing up to a dinner party with the usual hostess gift - a bottle of wine or basket of soaps or bouquet of flowers? Or maybe one too many times you've forgotten about getting a gift at all, until 30 minutes before the party starts? Whatever your gift-giving dilemma, this pretty … Continue reading Save a Tree, One Gift at a Time