The Best Made Better


Luxurious, soft, refined, sophisticated. What could be better than cashmere? At one time my answer would have been an emphatic “absolutely nothing!”

That was before I knew about Deborah Lindquist, one of LA’s most adored and eco-conscious designers. Her passion for the environment combined with a cutting-edge fashion sense has made her a forerunner on the path toward luxurious and stylish green clothing.

It is Lindquist who found something better than cashmere “recycled cashmere” and she uses it beautifully.

One of her recycled cashmere headbands or scarves is a must-have for spring. I like the black headband with a cream fleur-de-lis applique, but you can create your own. Choose from colors like oatmeal and lavender or bright orange and navy, with applique options that include a dove (another favorite), skull and cross bones (what is it with this trend?) or a peace sign (hippie chic). My money’s on anything lavender if you’re looking for one great accessory from this designer. Headbands run $110 and a scarf costs up to $187. Pricey, but well-worth making a statement in eco-style. You can’t do much better than that!

Image: Deborah Lindquist

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