Venture Anywhere with the Voyager Shawl

Whether or not you're planning a flight to a faraway land (carbon credited, of course), the Voyager Shawl offers a dose of the exotic. I can't afford to "buy now" over at Travelocity, but I can at least imagine myself zipping along a charming coastal road on my Vespa - Positano, perhaps? - wrapped in … Continue reading Venture Anywhere with the Voyager Shawl

The Best Made Better

Luxurious, soft, refined, sophisticated. What could be better than cashmere? At one time my answer would have been an emphatic "absolutely nothing!" That was before I knew about Deborah Lindquist, one of LA's most adored and eco-conscious designers. Her passion for the environment combined with a cutting-edge fashion sense has made her a forerunner on … Continue reading The Best Made Better