Not Your Mama’s Wallpaper

As recently as 10 years ago, if you said the word “wallpaper” I had visions of orange shag carpeting and my mother on a stepladder with a plastic bucket of gloppy paste. That toxic and tres passe technique would never be found on the walls of my home.

But today that same technique has become tres chic. Not only can we find non-toxic and safe wallpaper paste, but we have a plethora of eco-friendly wallpaper designs to choose from. Two of my favorites are from the Graham & Brown “Flock Effect” Collection – Divine and Muse. I would paper two walls of my dining room with Muse in Red, an overt, modern floral pattern that is powerfully feminine.


All Graham & Brown papers are either recycled (about 50% of each roll is made from renewable resources) or sourced from managed forests. The company also uses recycled rainwater and a special drainage system to reduce harmful runoff, as well as non-acidic inks and coatings.

If you’re feeling especially bold, I dare you to try a bright print from Dominic Crinson’s Jafleur Collection. I’m in love with this floral pattern that is irrepressibly cheery yet sophisticated.


Crinson papers are made from 100% fleece; they are anti-inflammable, are printed using water-soluble inks, are non-toxic and are 100% recyclable. They are also made to measure, which helps limit waste.

With so many unique and green ways to paper your walls, pull out the stepladder and get to work! But please, leave the polyester shag carpeting in the 70s where it belongs.

Top Image: Graham & Brown
Second Image: Graham & Brown
Third Image: Dominic Crinson

One thought on “Not Your Mama’s Wallpaper

  1. Ever since I saw the sleek silver fleur-de-lis look at the Viceroy in Los Angeles, I’ve been waiting for eco-friendly wallpaper! Thanks, Kim. 🙂

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