The Sanaz(zzzzzzzzz) Bed


I love to sleep. When my head hits the pillow at the end of a day, I’m usually snoozing inside of 10 minutes. I’m also a fan of the cat-nap. In fact anything remotely resembling sleep rests well with me”¦including beds.

A literal luxury in many parts of the world, the bed happens to be my favorite piece of furniture. Sleep, read, nap”¦there’s so much to do in bed. The bed that currently captures the key to my always-eco heart is dreamy. And I mean “seriously in my wildest dreams I just might be able to afford this bed” dreamy.

I’m sharing despite its $6,899 price tag ($7399 for the King), if only to illustrate that eco and luxury are not mutually exclusive.

The Sanaz Bed, by the Italian manufacturer EVVE, is available in all types of fabrics including “ecological leather”. And every single Sanaz Bed is made with eco-friendly wood harvested from sustainable European sources.

If it’s options you’re hungry for, add the Swarovski Crystal buttons to your headboard for an extra $250. If you’re sufficiently intrigued and desire more details, call IQ Matics at 847-885-3600. Or visit the website and chat with one of the salespeople.

via Design Milk

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