Make the Green Grade: Eco School Supplies Checklist

As a young girl my favorite time of year was the week before school started every September. Not because I went shopping for new clothes - a plaid skirt and white blouse were the extent of my "uniform". I equated back-to-school with school supplies. A new binder with a plastic zip-lock envelope packed full of … Continue reading Make the Green Grade: Eco School Supplies Checklist

A Guide to Eco Laptop Bags

I remember when owning a laptop was considered a luxury. Now it seems that everyone who's anyone has one - my neighbor's six-year-old, my grandfather (who, by the way, forwards far too many jokes and chain letters to me. I love you anyway, gramps!), writers and investment bankers, artists and attorneys. For lifestyles (and laptops) … Continue reading A Guide to Eco Laptop Bags

The Staples of Modern Life

It's the irony of the universe, that when you really need a staple-remover all you can find is a stapler, and vice versa. I usually resign myself to attacking said staple with my fingernail, even with the scolding clucks of my manicurist running through my head. Now, I don't actually cry over broken nails, but … Continue reading The Staples of Modern Life