Lustables: Echeveria Wreath

A luscious wreath of rosette succulents. The Echeveria Wreath ($98-108) from VivaTerra is a sculptural blend of the flower shaped Echeveria plant, the most attractive of all the succulents due to its subtle coloring and textural quality. The various hues of pale green and red make it an ideal adornment to your home all year … Continue reading Lustables: Echeveria Wreath

Grateful for a Little…Is a Lot

During a particularly frustrating period of my life years ago, I was told by a mentor, "It is virtually impossible to be grateful for a lot until you can be grateful for a little." She went on to suggest I begin searching for the willingness to want what I have. At first I didn't get … Continue reading Grateful for a Little…Is a Lot

Gustavian Dreams

Forgive me, but I never fail to get excited about pretty green things. And while it's not breaking news that vintage is a fabulous way to shop, I can't help but shout when something old becomes new again - especially when it's something made with an exquisite emphasis on craftsmanship rather than mass production. The … Continue reading Gustavian Dreams

Venture Anywhere with the Voyager Shawl

Whether or not you're planning a flight to a faraway land (carbon credited, of course), the Voyager Shawl offers a dose of the exotic. I can't afford to "buy now" over at Travelocity, but I can at least imagine myself zipping along a charming coastal road on my Vespa - Positano, perhaps? - wrapped in … Continue reading Venture Anywhere with the Voyager Shawl

Spread Some Lemongrass Love

The latest diffuser craze has everyone smelling up their spaces, but anyone with a sensitive snout best beware. There's nothing worse than being welcomed into a room by a thick wave of fragrance that fires up your nostrils and hurts your throat. That's why I love lemongrass. It's subtle, not too potent - just natural, … Continue reading Spread Some Lemongrass Love