How to: 10 Tips for a Successful Clothing Swap

It's the perfect summer gathering for the stylish greenie in all of us - the clothing swap. Most of us have more stuff in our closets than we need (or want). A successful swap keeps our wardrobes simple, timely and up-to-date. It's a chance to gather with friends, put those great pieces you'll never wear … Continue reading How to: 10 Tips for a Successful Clothing Swap

The Power of Colorful (and Eco) Steel

Fashion this season has taken on a bright and colorful slant - it's no wonder the world of furniture design is following suit. If a beautiful blouse or a sumptuous sofa is dressed in a dazzling color, it can create all kinds of crazy - the good kind of crazy, of course. The properly placed … Continue reading The Power of Colorful (and Eco) Steel

Vintage Academe: Fabulous Eco-Couture & More

There's "penny pinching" and "getting your money's worth", but what happened to "more for your money"? Where went the possibility of making a true investment and feeling secure and confident that yes, you spent your money well? In these trying, financially frenzied times, the possibility of more of anything is very rare indeed. That's why … Continue reading Vintage Academe: Fabulous Eco-Couture & More

A Warm and Welcome Place to Shop

My grandest fantasy as a young girl included leading a life like Chris Evert or Gabriella Sabatini, which for an 8-year-old mostly meant wearing cute tennis skirts and being on TV. Although I have a great tennis game today (if I do say so myself), playing pro quickly lost its allure as my life took … Continue reading A Warm and Welcome Place to Shop

Waterlogged: 2 Eco Chicks Check Out the “Eco” Umbrella Pot

Dear readers: Sara and I stumbled across this and six days later we're still not sure what to think of it. When you come across a green product as useless as this, it's easy to be rendered speechless. Fortunately, at least for us, this doesn't last long. Here, we share our thoughts. Please do share … Continue reading Waterlogged: 2 Eco Chicks Check Out the “Eco” Umbrella Pot

Gustavian Dreams

Forgive me, but I never fail to get excited about pretty green things. And while it's not breaking news that vintage is a fabulous way to shop, I can't help but shout when something old becomes new again - especially when it's something made with an exquisite emphasis on craftsmanship rather than mass production. The … Continue reading Gustavian Dreams

Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

It's true what they say: time flies while you're having fun. 2008 at EcoSalon was chock full of fun, from the top of our eco fashionista heads down to the bottom of our little greenie toes. This was a spectacular year for the art and business of green garb. Environmentally conscious fashion designers from all … Continue reading Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

What’s Your Type?

They're watching you - the advertisers and marketing gurus - keeping track of your every eco-purchase. And since the so-called green "trend" doesn't seem to be such a trend after all (see What's the Story), these marketing experts are watching more closely, and with green colored glasses. Who is this green fashion consumer and what … Continue reading What’s Your Type?

A Bag Habit Not to Break

We spout a lot of eco-hoopla about toxins and pollutants and recycling around EcoSalon, and my hope is that you've gotten the message, banned the plastic and bought an eco-bag instead. I hope you have decided to make the permanent switch from plastic to recycled and reusable. And yes, we've done a zillion posts on … Continue reading A Bag Habit Not to Break

Wearing Eco on the Inside and Out

Sometimes I wonder if the small eco-efforts I make each day actually affect anything at all, let alone the larger eco-atmosphere. At other times I haven't a worry or a wonder, and am grateful to carry on with my day changing what I can. I do know that the green movement is firmly established as … Continue reading Wearing Eco on the Inside and Out

Say Yes to Seconds

There is eco-friendly fashion, and there is eco-friendly fashion. The first you might classify as newly crafted out of organic and/or recycled materials with a conscious attempt to have very little, if any, effect on the environment. The second is the re-used variety - purchased from second-hand shops or your grandmother's closet. I entered a … Continue reading Say Yes to Seconds