PATYKA: Organic Self-Care in a Bottle

When it comes to treating myself well, let's just say it's taken time, but I now consider myself an expert in the art of self-care. My focus covers the insides and outsides; spirit and body; brain and brawn. I take time to read, practice yoga, run, laugh, love, take naps, get manicures, share with friends, … Continue reading PATYKA: Organic Self-Care in a Bottle

A Static Cling Solution

I revealed to you my unusual love of laundry in Stay on the Line, and my musings on our general obsession with whitening. Would you believe I'm back to talk more about laundry? I'll get right to the point, lest I start waxing poetic about things like organic towels and green machines. We've all been … Continue reading A Static Cling Solution

Eco-Friendly, Organic Linen Spray

I've been doing a lot of business traveling of late and my sense of smell is on overload. Maybe I'm becoming more sensitive, or maybe even the best hotel room can turn musty and stale over time. Opening the sliding glass door to the balcony is a lovely option during summer months in California, but … Continue reading Eco-Friendly, Organic Linen Spray

Decorative Days and Sweet-Scented Nights

Pillow acquisitions are not always appreciated by the male of the species, but the aspiring designer in every woman knows how a simple switch of pillows can reinvent an entire room. I have dozens: standard sleeping pillows, square throw pillows, Euro sham-covered pillows, boudoir pillows, floor pillows, cushions, rests, stops. Pillows give us a quick, … Continue reading Decorative Days and Sweet-Scented Nights