Lustables: Echeveria Wreath

A luscious wreath of rosette succulents. The Echeveria Wreath ($98-108) from VivaTerra is a sculptural blend of the flower shaped Echeveria plant, the most attractive of all the succulents due to its subtle coloring and textural quality. The various hues of pale green and red make it an ideal adornment to your home all year … Continue reading Lustables: Echeveria Wreath

Pot Your Plants in PAD’s Recycled Aluminum Pod

Say that six times fast, and then find your favorite pair of gardening gloves and let's play with dirt. These pots are worthy of plenty of playtime. Whether you want to grow your green indoors or out, the metal spun recycled aluminum Pod by PAD is the perfect planter. It's sturdy, lightweight and powder coated … Continue reading Pot Your Plants in PAD’s Recycled Aluminum Pod