Covered by Coconut

It seems logical to me - coconuts and good design. I've heard of stranger things, so when I heard that Bahia coconut shells were being used to produce an interior design surface material, I didn't even flinch. In fact, I thought it's about time. Okay, not exactly, but it is innovative and ultra exotic. EKOBE … Continue reading Covered by Coconut

Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant

We try to showcase a range of furniture genres here at EcoSalon, offering an eco-shopping option as well as eye candy galore for all. And I'm usually pretty adept at pegging a style when I see one. The best way I know to describe the raw, natural and hand-crafted aesthetic of Moe Design Studio, is … Continue reading Moe Design Studio: Saving Trees Is Simply Elegant

Another Chair? No, Not Really…

Before you accuse me of being a tad too fond of a certain seat-like piece of furniture, let me explain. This chair isn't exactly that, and although it looks and acts like one, I swear"¦it's not really a chair. At least I wouldn't want to sit on it. Ouch. Tokujin Yoshioka, the designer of Venus … Continue reading Another Chair? No, Not Really…

I Can’t Believe I’m Wearing Another Eco-Tee

T-shirts are big right now. Everywhere you look, a new logo or eco-statement printed on yet one more tee"¦not that there's anything wrong with that. So here's another to add to your repertoire if your eco-heart desires. The new line from Humanity Ink combines 70% bamboo, 30% organic cotton and soy ink. Every piece of … Continue reading I Can’t Believe I’m Wearing Another Eco-Tee

Guide to the Best Eco Jewelry Designers

I've said it before (in Say Yes to Seconds) and I'll say it again - I have no interest in looking like the twin of every eco-chic woman walking out of Barneys. I lean toward unique and edgy, and there's no faster way to get there than with vintage, especially when it comes to jewelry. … Continue reading Guide to the Best Eco Jewelry Designers

Of Sea Pearls and Diva Cups: an Honest Review of Eco Feminine Hygiene Products

The curse, Aunt Flo, crimson wave, the rag, that time of the month - sound vaguely familiar? For centuries women have been shushed and shamed and told it was inappropriate to discuss - but if you ask me our ability to create a life is amazing. So here at EcoSalon, let's just use the word … Continue reading Of Sea Pearls and Diva Cups: an Honest Review of Eco Feminine Hygiene Products

Let Your Eco-Wall Mural Take You Anywhere You Want to Go

Close your eyes and mentally travel somewhere soothing. Right about now, you should be floating in the waters of Poipu Beach or Bora Bora. Unfortunately, when you open your eyes the reality of life returns. According to Thomas Wieckowski, founder of MyDigitalPrints, your fantasy vacation need not be cut short. My Digital Prints is in … Continue reading Let Your Eco-Wall Mural Take You Anywhere You Want to Go

Kitchen One – Holey Green Cabinetry

I love food and I finish everything on my plate. In other words, I don't "do" leftovers. My mother, on the other hand, has a refrigerator packed with a small army of Tupperware containers. Each one holds a fragment of this and a portion of that. She loves leftovers. Fortunately, in the world of green … Continue reading Kitchen One – Holey Green Cabinetry

Everyday Eco Jewelry to Cherish

When all else fails, buy jewelry. A generalization, yes, but I'm confident of its accuracy. We women love jewelry. You can't go wrong showing up at her birthday party with a pretty pair of earrings or a sweet and simple bracelet - or both. I'm not referring here to bling. Magnificent jewelry pieces are both … Continue reading Everyday Eco Jewelry to Cherish

Don’t Let the Muumuus Get You Down

One of the hottest fashion trends this spring is the so-called tunic. Unfortunately, when I hear that word my eyes roll back in my head and all I can visualize is the floral muumuu my mom wore on our trip to Hawaii in 1973. Despite that, I decided I wouldn't sleep until I found at … Continue reading Don’t Let the Muumuus Get You Down

A Static Cling Solution

I revealed to you my unusual love of laundry in Stay on the Line, and my musings on our general obsession with whitening. Would you believe I'm back to talk more about laundry? I'll get right to the point, lest I start waxing poetic about things like organic towels and green machines. We've all been … Continue reading A Static Cling Solution

Modern Balance

I am a defiant modernist. Le Corbusier, Mies, Schindler, Neutra - I gave them my heart years ago (and my last boyfriend accused me of having a fear of commitment!). As my life and my choices have turned a lovely shade of green, these two sensibilities have naturally melded into one. It's fairly easy to … Continue reading Modern Balance

The Proof Is in the Pillow

This past weekend the clocks jumped ahead and stole an hour right out from under us. One hour of precious beauty sleep - poof, gone! As I set my clocks ahead on Saturday night, I pondered the necessary adjustments - loss of sleep, waking in blackness, longer evenings. Then I crawled under my duvet and … Continue reading The Proof Is in the Pillow

Sink Your Toes Into Shaggy Bamboo

Some fashion and design trends of years past should be left well enough alone. They had their moment in the spotlight, their five minutes of fame or maybe they were just a one hit wonder. But now they're just old and so very outdated in my humble opinion. The problem is, such trends always seem … Continue reading Sink Your Toes Into Shaggy Bamboo

Walk Out of Winter in Organic Tights

Depending on where you live, there's at least a month of winter remaining, which translates to 30-plus tights-wearing days to go before it's time to bring out the organic self-tanner and bare your pretty legs. Until then, keep them warm with a pair of these organic bamboo tights by Sternlein. My classic Wolfords are finally … Continue reading Walk Out of Winter in Organic Tights