A Lovely Little Perch!

It's not often that my design senses are stimulated. But there's something about Amy Adams' pottery at perch! that tickles my fancy. We first raved about her designs here and here, but there's more. Adams has a special skill when it comes to ceramics - her designs are modern, playful and charming. All perch! pieces … Continue reading A Lovely Little Perch!

What You See Is What You Get

Straight shooter, no-nonsense, sans hidden agenda - it's refreshing to meet people and know exactly what you're getting. The same can be said for stuff you buy that arrives in a box at your front door. If its assembly doesn't require reading 5 pages of directions and 35 screws and it actually looks like what's … Continue reading What You See Is What You Get

The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting

Maybe it's the way they can make or break a room, like the way the perfect accessory can pull together an outfit. Or maybe the whys don't matter as much as the facts. Eco-lighting is front-page news and everyone who's anyone is making the switch to green. For your viewing pleasure, I've gathered a cutting … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting

Lamp Alternative: Illuminated Wallpaper by Jonas Samson

There's no other way to say it - this is the coolest, most forward-thinking product I've seen in quite some time. Sounds dramatic, yes, but it's true. Try and wrap your head around this - illuminated wallpaper. Not glow in the dark or back-lit, but wall covering that emits light - it's a part of … Continue reading Lamp Alternative: Illuminated Wallpaper by Jonas Samson

Modern Balance

I am a defiant modernist. Le Corbusier, Mies, Schindler, Neutra - I gave them my heart years ago (and my last boyfriend accused me of having a fear of commitment!). As my life and my choices have turned a lovely shade of green, these two sensibilities have naturally melded into one. It's fairly easy to … Continue reading Modern Balance

Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau

I'm certain you've seen it - the generic cartoon character with wide eyes and a light bulb next to its head. The image fairly screams "I've got a bright  idea!". Imagine that, but stylish and eco-friendly, and I'll show you the Luau Portable Lamp designed by Vessel for $199. A lighting solution that works inside … Continue reading Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau