Simply Ceramics: From Bauhaus to Your House

Isn't she lovely? There's not much to not like about the Tac Tea Pot (image above) designed by Walter Gropius, architect and founder of the Bauhaus. In fact, it's been called "the most beautiful tea service ever produced". Simple, minimal, functional. What else is there? Enduring, that's what. Gropius (1883-1969) was a genius designer of … Continue reading Simply Ceramics: From Bauhaus to Your House

Hip, Slick and Eco Never Looked So…Molto Bene!

I'm not referring to my favorite pasta dish or sports car, but rather the fabulous modern kitchen designs of the Italian manufacturer, Valcucine. Founded in 1980, they've perfected the art of the sleek, clean and simple space where we cook. But what I find even more commendable is their effort to be green. For almost … Continue reading Hip, Slick and Eco Never Looked So…Molto Bene!

Le Creme de le Eco-Cookware Crop

I love the French. I love their attitude, style, women, wine, croissants and beaches. Now, I'm a big fan of their cookware. Not that I cook, but I do know people who cook. And once in a while, when I'm lucky, they feed me. These are the friends who introduced me to the secret of … Continue reading Le Creme de le Eco-Cookware Crop

The Glass Is Greener

Most of my youth was spent searching - for something easier, cooler, smarter, sexier - anything better than whatever was boring and right in front of me. I was convinced there was something better out there just out of my sight. Maybe this belief motivated me to reach higher. Or maybe it left me in … Continue reading The Glass Is Greener

Kitchen One – Holey Green Cabinetry

I love food and I finish everything on my plate. In other words, I don't "do" leftovers. My mother, on the other hand, has a refrigerator packed with a small army of Tupperware containers. Each one holds a fragment of this and a portion of that. She loves leftovers. Fortunately, in the world of green … Continue reading Kitchen One – Holey Green Cabinetry

Hungry for an Eco-Kitchen?

If you've ever remodeled a kitchen, you're familiar with this labor-intensive process that can consume weeks, if not months, of your life. Hansen Living has taken this unappealing timetable and turned it upside down. The Danish company claims it can install their kitchens in ONE day. Do I have your attention yet? Because it only … Continue reading Hungry for an Eco-Kitchen?

Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass

If remodeling your kitchen sits on the top of your most-wanted list but on the bottom of your most-affordable, I am here to suggest an option that will give your kitchen a fresh little boost for the spring season. It's easier than you might think. And it's recycled. Adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets … Continue reading Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass