Remade in Oregon: The White Stag Block Renewed

Portland is considered one of the greenest cities and is fast becoming a major player in sustainable fashion, food and culture. But did you know that Portland has historic architecture? It's true. The famous "Made in Oregon" sign (image above) sits atop the historic White Stag building, built in 1907. Portland also has people more … Continue reading Remade in Oregon: The White Stag Block Renewed

Moss Talking

I've rarely been accused of being 'at a loss for words,' except when it comes to small talk. Inane chit-chat serves a purpose, I understand, but I'd rather just hear the silence in between. Call me anti-social, aloof or just plain boring, but my shutting up leaves plenty of room for observing, which has made … Continue reading Moss Talking

Is That a Woolly Pocket on Your Wall, or Are You Just…?

I'll get my mind out of the gutter and onto the green, where it belongs, and tell you about my latest obsession - plants in pockets. I'd heard of hanging plants and plants that are potted, but the idea of putting a plant in a cloth-like pocket wasn't in my repertoire. That is, until I … Continue reading Is That a Woolly Pocket on Your Wall, or Are You Just…?

Cutting Edge Concept: the Flow2 Kitchen

The kitchen could be considered the hub of a home. It's the spot where people congregate at parties, despite protests from the hostess; it's the place a family gathers to break bread as often as three times a day. There are all types of kitchens. We've shown you recycled or sustainable parts and entire islands … Continue reading Cutting Edge Concept: the Flow2 Kitchen

The Ceramic Industry: Is a Little Green Better Than None at All?

It wasn't the answer I had hoped for, in fact it threw me. And when I finally landed it was clear I had my next topic for EcoSalon. Is ceramic an eco-friendly material? Not really. Ceramic is certainly not 100% eco-friendly, although it does boast an honest list of good intentions. But first the aforementioned … Continue reading The Ceramic Industry: Is a Little Green Better Than None at All?

Judge This Buckle by Its Book Cover

Judge these belt buckles by their covers and all you'll come up with is a serious case of eco, clever and fun. And maybe an urge to go to the library. I'm a serious book lover, and these one-of-a-kind Literary Belt Buckles are too cute for words. I call them the bookworm's belt buckle because … Continue reading Judge This Buckle by Its Book Cover

Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

It's true what they say: time flies while you're having fun. 2008 at EcoSalon was chock full of fun, from the top of our eco fashionista heads down to the bottom of our little greenie toes. This was a spectacular year for the art and business of green garb. Environmentally conscious fashion designers from all … Continue reading Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

What’s Your Type?

They're watching you - the advertisers and marketing gurus - keeping track of your every eco-purchase. And since the so-called green "trend" doesn't seem to be such a trend after all (see What's the Story), these marketing experts are watching more closely, and with green colored glasses. Who is this green fashion consumer and what … Continue reading What’s Your Type?

A Bag Habit Not to Break

We spout a lot of eco-hoopla about toxins and pollutants and recycling around EcoSalon, and my hope is that you've gotten the message, banned the plastic and bought an eco-bag instead. I hope you have decided to make the permanent switch from plastic to recycled and reusable. And yes, we've done a zillion posts on … Continue reading A Bag Habit Not to Break

I Dare You to Read This Post About Alabama Chanin

I already know there's a reader out there who will find this post extravagant, excessive and possibly even outrageous. And if that reader is you, rest assured that I can hear you already. You're saying things like "don't waste our time. It's ridiculous to pay that for a dress or a coat, when the sky … Continue reading I Dare You to Read This Post About Alabama Chanin

Red (and Green) Aphrodite

I've never been good at sending holiday cards to friends and family. I enjoy keeping in touch throughout the year via e-mail and phone calls, but when it comes to spreading holiday cheer I fall tragically short. But this year could be different. I've come across a line of stationary that might just cure my … Continue reading Red (and Green) Aphrodite

A Lovely Little Perch!

It's not often that my design senses are stimulated. But there's something about Amy Adams' pottery at perch! that tickles my fancy. We first raved about her designs here and here, but there's more. Adams has a special skill when it comes to ceramics - her designs are modern, playful and charming. All perch! pieces … Continue reading A Lovely Little Perch!

Hard to Resist Eco-Coats

I'm a California girl so I don't talk much about wool coats or down jackets. Maybe 5/365 I'll need more than a sweater, scarf and light jacket, so I'm set with my two timeless cold-weather coats. But sometimes it's hard to resist all the hoodies and leather jackets and pea coats! The eco-movement has inspired … Continue reading Hard to Resist Eco-Coats

A Case of Hot (Green) Air?

Call me skeptical, but when an eco item claims to be the one and only or first ever, I start to it an exaggeration or flat out green washing? Journalism 101 taught me to fact-check. And for those of you not old enough to remember a time without the interwebs, fact-checking used to require … Continue reading A Case of Hot (Green) Air?