Windows and Sustainable Design

The evolution of windows toward sustainability. It's something you probably don't think about very often - windows. They tell us a lot about a building, from its age and style to how energy efficient it is. An average home may lose 30% of its heat or air-conditioning energy through its windows, which is inexcusable considering … Continue reading Windows and Sustainable Design

The Glass Is Greener

Most of my youth was spent searching - for something easier, cooler, smarter, sexier - anything better than whatever was boring and right in front of me. I was convinced there was something better out there just out of my sight. Maybe this belief motivated me to reach higher. Or maybe it left me in … Continue reading The Glass Is Greener

The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting

Maybe it's the way they can make or break a room, like the way the perfect accessory can pull together an outfit. Or maybe the whys don't matter as much as the facts. Eco-lighting is front-page news and everyone who's anyone is making the switch to green. For your viewing pleasure, I've gathered a cutting … Continue reading The Ultimate Guide to Eco Lighting

Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass

If remodeling your kitchen sits on the top of your most-wanted list but on the bottom of your most-affordable, I am here to suggest an option that will give your kitchen a fresh little boost for the spring season. It's easier than you might think. And it's recycled. Adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets … Continue reading Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass