Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

Who am I to argue with the Madison Avenue suits who coined the phrase "diamonds are a girl's best friend"? If only diamonds were all we believe them to be. The violence resulting from the diamond mining and trading industry is, in a word, tragic. And, as it turns out, diamonds aren't even as valuable … Continue reading Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

One-Two-Three, Grow Me a Tree

I have two thumbs and neither one is green, in any way, shape or form. Nature and plush, pretty gardens fill me with joy, but don't let me anywhere near a shovel or pruning shears - tragic mishaps are likely to occur. I've been responsible for many a premature death due to my apparent lack … Continue reading One-Two-Three, Grow Me a Tree

Everyday Eco Jewelry to Cherish

When all else fails, buy jewelry. A generalization, yes, but I'm confident of its accuracy. We women love jewelry. You can't go wrong showing up at her birthday party with a pretty pair of earrings or a sweet and simple bracelet - or both. I'm not referring here to bling. Magnificent jewelry pieces are both … Continue reading Everyday Eco Jewelry to Cherish

Save a Tree, One Gift at a Time

Are you tired of showing up to a dinner party with the usual hostess gift - a bottle of wine or basket of soaps or bouquet of flowers? Or maybe one too many times you've forgotten about getting a gift at all, until 30 minutes before the party starts? Whatever your gift-giving dilemma, this pretty … Continue reading Save a Tree, One Gift at a Time

The Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Rebag

One of my favorite Christmas memories is of unwrapping gifts and watching my Grandpa stick the used bows all over his balding head. And when he ran out of territory uptown, he'd start sticking the bows to his limbs, all the way down to his feet. We grandkids adored him for this - we'd laugh … Continue reading The Three R’s: Reduce, Reuse, Rebag

Let Him Wear the Pants, and He’ll Wear Them Well

It may be the one and only, undisputed, all-women-unite fact that I'm aware of - that when the men in our lives wear pants we'd prefer they wear them well. My extensive research* in the pant department has revealed that there's nothing better than a really worn, really comfortable pair of pants that fit properly. … Continue reading Let Him Wear the Pants, and He’ll Wear Them Well

The Staples of Modern Life

It's the irony of the universe, that when you really need a staple-remover all you can find is a stapler, and vice versa. I usually resign myself to attacking said staple with my fingernail, even with the scolding clucks of my manicurist running through my head. Now, I don't actually cry over broken nails, but … Continue reading The Staples of Modern Life