Women’s Roundup, Hear Us Roar

Rather than raise our voices, we girls at EcoSalon prefer to write about it, because if you need to scream, my guess is you aren't so certain what you have to say is worth hearing. And really, who wants to hear a grown woman roar? In the past few months at EcoSalon, women have taken … Continue reading Women’s Roundup, Hear Us Roar

Top 11 Hottest Topics of 2010 from EcoSalon

If you are well acquainted with EcoSalon, you know we don't shy away from controversial issues. In fact, we welcome them. Rarely is there one right answer, and remaining open-minded in the face of difficult discussions is what EcoSalon strives to achieve. And 2010 was no exception. It was indeed a stellar year for serious … Continue reading Top 11 Hottest Topics of 2010 from EcoSalon