Looking for the Best Green Sex Toys? You’ve Hit the Spot!

Once upon a time, sex was a word whispered rather than the topic of college courses and front page news. I'm comfortable with it, as you could surmise from my passionate case for saving the planet by having more sex. We could discuss the pros and cons of the sexing of our culture, ad infinitum. … Continue reading Looking for the Best Green Sex Toys? You’ve Hit the Spot!

A Guide to Eco Laptop Bags

I remember when owning a laptop was considered a luxury. Now it seems that everyone who's anyone has one - my neighbor's six-year-old, my grandfather (who, by the way, forwards far too many jokes and chain letters to me. I love you anyway, gramps!), writers and investment bankers, artists and attorneys. For lifestyles (and laptops) … Continue reading A Guide to Eco Laptop Bags

The Staples of Modern Life

It's the irony of the universe, that when you really need a staple-remover all you can find is a stapler, and vice versa. I usually resign myself to attacking said staple with my fingernail, even with the scolding clucks of my manicurist running through my head. Now, I don't actually cry over broken nails, but … Continue reading The Staples of Modern Life