It’s My Party and I’ll Pingg if I Want to!

Who could have imagined a time when sending your wedding invitation via email would not only be acceptable but encouraged? Certainly your grandmother wouldn't allow it, and most likely your mother would throw up her hands in protest. Not if she took a look at pingg, the stylish, personalized, ad free, totally comprehensive online invitation … Continue reading It’s My Party and I’ll Pingg if I Want to!

Throw an Eco-Party Without Planning

It's not surprising that the green movement has found its way into the world of event planning - from weddings to product launches to graduation celebrations. Parties are fun, and trust me, I'm definitely in favor of fun. But most parties will create more waste and use more energy in one night than a family … Continue reading Throw an Eco-Party Without Planning

Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau

I'm certain you've seen it - the generic cartoon character with wide eyes and a light bulb next to its head. The image fairly screams "I've got a bright  idea!". Imagine that, but stylish and eco-friendly, and I'll show you the Luau Portable Lamp designed by Vessel for $199. A lighting solution that works inside … Continue reading Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau