In the Mood for Sexy Summer Dresses

How do I know it's summer? I hear bees and see flowers blooming; I'm working out because that beach vacation is looming. I watch baby birds as they learn to fly; I welcome new beginnings into my life. And yes, I write terrible jingles that barely rhyme. Actually, I know summer is upon us because … Continue reading In the Mood for Sexy Summer Dresses

The Battalion’s Eco-Conscious Bohemian Couture

Eco-fashion has come a long way. There are more styles and fabrics to choose from than even this fashionista has time to covet. But The Battalion's ultra cool and super sexy eco-conscious couture caught me by the bootstraps and hasn't let go. Maybe it's their sophisticated and stylish silhouettes or their use of sustainable and … Continue reading The Battalion’s Eco-Conscious Bohemian Couture

It’s All About Vintage at ModCloth

Vintage and thrift store shopping isn't for everyone, but I'd recommend it to any one who speaks eco-chic fluently. You've heard my spiel on the topic of fashion seconds so I won't run you over with details, but suffice it to say I've found some fantastic designer pieces by stopping in a boutique on a … Continue reading It’s All About Vintage at ModCloth