6 Famous Architects and the Homes They Lived In

Architects have clients and clients set the creative parameters for a project. But when an architect is his own client, all rules and artistic limitations disappear and the result is the ultimate self portrait. Home is where the heart of an architect can fully and completely be expressed. We take a look into the hearts … Continue reading 6 Famous Architects and the Homes They Lived In

Prefab: Sustainable and Stylish. Seriously.

The word sounds so, shall we say, cheap and chintzy? It doesn't roll off your tongue and linger on your lips like Chateau Marmont or Fontainbleau. In fact, when I first heard the word prefab back in 2000, trailer park and double-wide sprang to mind. But then I laid my eyes on the Eames House … Continue reading Prefab: Sustainable and Stylish. Seriously.