The Heart of Art: Story Vases

These glass bead vases have an important story to tell. Story Vases are the brainchild of Front, a Swedish design firm made up of three enterprising women who approach their projects with the goal of exploring and exposing more about the process of design. In this case, Front partnered with the Siyazama Project, a collective … Continue reading The Heart of Art: Story Vases

Outsapop’s Trashion Is Cool DIY Fashion

I was an artistic kid, but I had not an ounce of interest in learning how to sew, much to my mother's chagrin. She was quite the seamstress. Her Singer sat prominently in our playroom where she'd stitch and sew me new dresses, always searching for the coolest Vogue patterns"¦but nothing could change my mind. … Continue reading Outsapop’s Trashion Is Cool DIY Fashion

Red (and Green) Aphrodite

I've never been good at sending holiday cards to friends and family. I enjoy keeping in touch throughout the year via e-mail and phone calls, but when it comes to spreading holiday cheer I fall tragically short. But this year could be different. I've come across a line of stationary that might just cure my … Continue reading Red (and Green) Aphrodite

Leftover Leather Stays Together in Manon Juliette’s Carpet Collection

There's a lot of "scrapping" going on these days in the fashion and decor industries, mostly out of earnest consideration for eco-friendly living. I appreciate every kind of re-use, reclaim or re-invent including vintage and antique. Wood scraps are another fave of mine. The possibilities are endless when a creative mind confronts a pile of … Continue reading Leftover Leather Stays Together in Manon Juliette’s Carpet Collection

What You See Is What You Get

Straight shooter, no-nonsense, sans hidden agenda - it's refreshing to meet people and know exactly what you're getting. The same can be said for stuff you buy that arrives in a box at your front door. If its assembly doesn't require reading 5 pages of directions and 35 screws and it actually looks like what's … Continue reading What You See Is What You Get

Turning a Mountain into a Mobile

There are so many great design magazines on the newsstand today, how do you choose? Usually I'm able to resist buying them all, but some months they're too delicious and I bring home more than I have the precious time to read. Then I watch in guilt as the stack next to my coffee table … Continue reading Turning a Mountain into a Mobile

A Static Cling Solution

I revealed to you my unusual love of laundry in Stay on the Line, and my musings on our general obsession with whitening. Would you believe I'm back to talk more about laundry? I'll get right to the point, lest I start waxing poetic about things like organic towels and green machines. We've all been … Continue reading A Static Cling Solution