Le Creme de le Eco-Cookware Crop

I love the French. I love their attitude, style, women, wine, croissants and beaches. Now, I'm a big fan of their cookware. Not that I cook, but I do know people who cook. And once in a while, when I'm lucky, they feed me. These are the friends who introduced me to the secret of … Continue reading Le Creme de le Eco-Cookware Crop

Hungry for an Eco-Kitchen?

If you've ever remodeled a kitchen, you're familiar with this labor-intensive process that can consume weeks, if not months, of your life. Hansen Living has taken this unappealing timetable and turned it upside down. The Danish company claims it can install their kitchens in ONE day. Do I have your attention yet? Because it only … Continue reading Hungry for an Eco-Kitchen?