Style Clash: Bohemian Eclectic Meets Globally Eccentric

What happens when one style meets another? Is it catastrophe waiting to happen or is there hope for harmony? That's why we created Style Clash. Some design styles are more flexible; others force us to stretch outside our comfort zone. Each week we will offer tips for mixing competing styles successfully. What do we mean … Continue reading Style Clash: Bohemian Eclectic Meets Globally Eccentric

The Battalion’s Eco-Conscious Bohemian Couture

Eco-fashion has come a long way. There are more styles and fabrics to choose from than even this fashionista has time to covet. But The Battalion's ultra cool and super sexy eco-conscious couture caught me by the bootstraps and hasn't let go. Maybe it's their sophisticated and stylish silhouettes or their use of sustainable and … Continue reading The Battalion’s Eco-Conscious Bohemian Couture