More Sex, Ladies: the Planet Is Counting on You!

I, Kim Derby, would really like you to get busy. Why? Because sex, my friends, is good for the planet. Tell your friends, tell your neighbors, tell your...well, if you're doing this properly, you probably won't need to tell them. I know all of you smart, sophisticated eco-vixens have it in you. Here's why going … Continue reading More Sex, Ladies: the Planet Is Counting on You!

The Proper Way to Wash a Pillow

You do wash your pillow, don't you? We spend almost 1/3 of our lives sleeping. That's 262,974 hours eyes shut, horizontal and hopefully in a REM-like state of restfulness. That's a lot of time spent with our heads nuzzling the same old pillow. Pillows are one of the most overlooked and neglected of household items, … Continue reading The Proper Way to Wash a Pillow

The Proof Is in the Pillow

This past weekend the clocks jumped ahead and stole an hour right out from under us. One hour of precious beauty sleep - poof, gone! As I set my clocks ahead on Saturday night, I pondered the necessary adjustments - loss of sleep, waking in blackness, longer evenings. Then I crawled under my duvet and … Continue reading The Proof Is in the Pillow

Decorative Days and Sweet-Scented Nights

Pillow acquisitions are not always appreciated by the male of the species, but the aspiring designer in every woman knows how a simple switch of pillows can reinvent an entire room. I have dozens: standard sleeping pillows, square throw pillows, Euro sham-covered pillows, boudoir pillows, floor pillows, cushions, rests, stops. Pillows give us a quick, … Continue reading Decorative Days and Sweet-Scented Nights