Spread Some Lemongrass Love

The latest diffuser craze has everyone smelling up their spaces, but anyone with a sensitive snout best beware. There's nothing worse than being welcomed into a room by a thick wave of fragrance that fires up your nostrils and hurts your throat. That's why I love lemongrass. It's subtle, not too potent - just natural, … Continue reading Spread Some Lemongrass Love

The Key to My Eco-Heart

Last Sunday after brunch, my friend and I hit Melrose for window shopping, and there it was: a white porcelain key hanging from the neck of a very hip woman. There it swung, elegantly and simply by a thin, black leather cord. Now, I've done my eco-homework. Porcelain falls into the green category, and it's … Continue reading The Key to My Eco-Heart

Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass

If remodeling your kitchen sits on the top of your most-wanted list but on the bottom of your most-affordable, I am here to suggest an option that will give your kitchen a fresh little boost for the spring season. It's easier than you might think. And it's recycled. Adding new hardware to your kitchen cabinets … Continue reading Create a New Kitchen With Old Glass

Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau

I'm certain you've seen it - the generic cartoon character with wide eyes and a light bulb next to its head. The image fairly screams "I've got a bright  idea!". Imagine that, but stylish and eco-friendly, and I'll show you the Luau Portable Lamp designed by Vessel for $199. A lighting solution that works inside … Continue reading Your Own Personal (Portable) Luau