My Approach

My goal as practitioner is to guide you in a simple yet profound discovery of your own truth and wisdom via partnering with horses.* Through various somatic exercises, herd observation and interaction, and other experiential activities, I facilitate your journey (back) to what’s already there — your inner resource or intuitive knowing.

Everyone was born with this innate wisdom but life has a way of muddling and negating one’s sense of self and intuitive instincts. There is a way back. Horses are the portal to returning to our true nature.  

I’m not a therapist or counselor. Maybe the horses are, but I am not. I am merely a conduit, or compass if you will. I point you toward the way of the horse. The rest is yours to uncover.

A fortunate side effect of this experiential work is the letting go of limiting beliefs and stories from our past, allowing for stillness, space and peace of mind. From there, the possibilities are endless and open for you to create a life of joy and freedom. A life I wish for you! 

I would love if you’d join me and the horses and allow us the honor of acting as your guide on this exquisite journey home.

* Equine assisted experiences take place with horses on the ground in their natural environment. No riding is involved and no previous experience with horses is required. Sessions can be structured around your experience and comfort level.