The Sheath Dress: A Simple Solution

Forgive me if it seems superficial, but in my humble, fashion-forward opinion, the simple, silk sheath has much to offer today's eco-focused woman. The sheath dress has been around for decades - the first were worn as undergarments, followed by flappers flaunting them despite the skin-baring scandals. By the 50s, the sheath was an accepted … Continue reading The Sheath Dress: A Simple Solution

Vintage Academe: Fabulous Eco-Couture & More

There's "penny pinching" and "getting your money's worth", but what happened to "more for your money"? Where went the possibility of making a true investment and feeling secure and confident that yes, you spent your money well? In these trying, financially frenzied times, the possibility of more of anything is very rare indeed. That's why … Continue reading Vintage Academe: Fabulous Eco-Couture & More

It’s Not a Hand-Me-Down, It’s a Hoakon/Helga

You know the feel of your boyfriend's really worn, totally weathered and super sexy leather jacket? Kinda like butter, right? That's what I think of when I see the recycled leather handbags by Hoakon/Helga. I think of butter. Well, not exactly. But Hoakon/Helga bags are really soft and sumptuous to the touch, not to mention … Continue reading It’s Not a Hand-Me-Down, It’s a Hoakon/Helga

Heart Day Every Day

It sounds so trite, but the more I've learned to love myself, the greater my capacity is to open my heart to others. One way I practice strengthening my self-love muscle is through self-care, which includes buying myself lingerie rather than waiting for someone to buy it for me. There's something special about treating myself … Continue reading Heart Day Every Day

The Flower Power of Prismera Jewelry

When I think stainless steel, I think...cutlery. Sturdy, dishwasher-safe knives, forks and spoons. Stainless steel does not usually bring pictures of blooming flowers and jewelry into mind"¦until now. Meet designer Laura Su, who works with stainless steel (an eco-friendly, sustainable material) to create simple and modern earrings and necklaces inspired by nature. Her company is … Continue reading The Flower Power of Prismera Jewelry

‘Tis the Season to Wear Some Romance

Romance isn't just a concept worn thin by fairy tales and Hollywood movies that leave women like me wondering "where's my knight in shining armor?" It's an attitude easily accessible from within each and every one of us. And it's a good thing. Since summer 2008 we've seen ruffles and silky see-through pieces on the … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season to Wear Some Romance

Handmade By Heidi & Seek

My grandfather used to tell me, "Things aren't made the way they used to be". We were probably looking at some item made within the last 30 years, and he was referring to its lack of craftsmanship and attention to detail. I agreed, and not just because he's my gramps. There's something special about handmade … Continue reading Handmade By Heidi & Seek

Go Eco and Off-the-Shoulder

We show off a lot of ecoSkin fashion around EcoSalon because well, we like their style. And now they've captured the latest fashion forward off-the-shoulder trend with the Mercury Top. Somehow ecoSkin has found a flattering way to recreate this look from the flamboyant days of Flashdance. Frankly, I'm shocked. But even I might consider … Continue reading Go Eco and Off-the-Shoulder

For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE

What's a girl to put on her fingers if diamonds or their counterparts are off-limits or out of her budget? All kinds of green options exist to glam our hands without gouging the environment or supporting civil warfare - from vintage to recycled to reused to repurposed. The jewels created by Los Angeles designer Amanda … Continue reading For Eye Candy and Finger Food, Call KYYOTE

Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

It's true what they say: time flies while you're having fun. 2008 at EcoSalon was chock full of fun, from the top of our eco fashionista heads down to the bottom of our little greenie toes. This was a spectacular year for the art and business of green garb. Environmentally conscious fashion designers from all … Continue reading Eco Fashion Favorites of 2008

Whatever the Season, I’ll Be Wearing the Whitney Coat

I know the month is December, the season is winter and the days and nights are pure brrrrrrr, but bear with me - I'm in the mood for spring. I could wait until after the holidays to spout my springtime cheer, but why? The rain just stopped and the sunshine is peeking through the hovering … Continue reading Whatever the Season, I’ll Be Wearing the Whitney Coat

It’s All About Vintage at ModCloth

Vintage and thrift store shopping isn't for everyone, but I'd recommend it to any one who speaks eco-chic fluently. You've heard my spiel on the topic of fashion seconds so I won't run you over with details, but suffice it to say I've found some fantastic designer pieces by stopping in a boutique on a … Continue reading It’s All About Vintage at ModCloth

A Little Felt for the Little Lola

It's adorable. I could end the post right here after stating the obvious - that this little gem of a purse is simply adorable. But I won't leave you hanging like that. Instead I'll tell you the eco-friendly Lola bag from Zaum is the perfect run-around-town purse. Zaum prides itself on unique handmade products that … Continue reading A Little Felt for the Little Lola

What’s Your Type?

They're watching you - the advertisers and marketing gurus - keeping track of your every eco-purchase. And since the so-called green "trend" doesn't seem to be such a trend after all (see What's the Story), these marketing experts are watching more closely, and with green colored glasses. Who is this green fashion consumer and what … Continue reading What’s Your Type?

A Bag Habit Not to Break

We spout a lot of eco-hoopla about toxins and pollutants and recycling around EcoSalon, and my hope is that you've gotten the message, banned the plastic and bought an eco-bag instead. I hope you have decided to make the permanent switch from plastic to recycled and reusable. And yes, we've done a zillion posts on … Continue reading A Bag Habit Not to Break

I Dare You to Read This Post About Alabama Chanin

I already know there's a reader out there who will find this post extravagant, excessive and possibly even outrageous. And if that reader is you, rest assured that I can hear you already. You're saying things like "don't waste our time. It's ridiculous to pay that for a dress or a coat, when the sky … Continue reading I Dare You to Read This Post About Alabama Chanin

The Perfect Fall to Winter to Spring Cover Up

It's early Sunday morning in late November and I don't want to leave the cuddly warmth of my down duvet. If I had special powers I would wiggle my nose and a handsome prince would appear with a cup of hot coffee and the New YorkTimes. But since my nose doesn't wiggle that way, I … Continue reading The Perfect Fall to Winter to Spring Cover Up