Lustables: Casanova Sofa

Be wooed by the smooth moves of the Kelly sofa.

At first sight, I fell for the Kelly sofa ($2,972 as shown above) and its subtle, svelte curves. Not voluptuous nor androgynous; just the perfect fit for any space. The yellow print upholstery adds a playful beat, but even in a solid hue the Kelly is a sofa ready for fun. Sustainable too, it’s made with forestry certified hardwood, eco plywood and CFC-free polyurethane foam. Jardan Australia warns us that Kelly is the “Casanova” of sofas. I could have told them that.

Editor’s note: Sometimes, nothing’s more pleasurable than admiring a beautiful, innovative or special sustainable product or idea. Throughout each week, look for “lustables” in the mix here at EcoSalon. 

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