Mi Casa Es Su Casa: Preparing Your Space for Holiday House Guests

It’s that special time of year – the time that brings (invited or not) extravagant eating, kindness and giving, and friends and family visiting. And if your people are anything like my people, they come bearing gifts and all sorts of sweet love and excitement. It warms my heart.

Mi casa es su casa. I love opening my home to people I care about, despite my home’s small square footage. The more the merrier, and my cats love the extra attention and warm laps to lounge on.

When I’m expecting visitors, here’s what I do to create a space that says “come in, relax and make yourself at home.”

First and foremost, there should be fresh flowers. Nothing too fragrant, though, or full of fresh pollen. Someone might have allergies or an aversion to strong scents.

So please, keep the flowers simple and put them in a pretty vase. Next, having a cup of hot cocoa and a tray of home-baked treats ready and waiting upon your guests’ arrival is a simple and special way to say you care.


Another significant staple of the well-equipped guest room is an abundance of bath towels and toiletries, preferably fluffy white bamboo and travel size products. A cozy bamboo waffle robe and cashmere throw are luxuries I’m sure your guests will appreciate and enjoy.

The more you provide for your guests ahead of time, the less likely they’ll need to ask you for this or that. So don’t be shy.

A closet full of hangers and a luggage stand are important for a comfortable and organized visit. As are at least two empty dresser drawers.


On the bedside table, I like to provide a plethora of reading material, from a stack of best-selling books to a magazine or two or three. Add pens and a notepad, a carafe of water with cups, and a gorgeous candle (don’t forget matches).


So they can wake when they want and listen to tunes at their leisure, I like to leave my guests an alarm clock and speakers to doc their iPod or iPhone.

Gather these items in your guest room and I guarantee your guests will feel like they’ve traveled, and gone to heaven. So much so that they might not want to leave – but that’s your problem.

What special things do you do to your space when expecting house guests?

Images (from top): flickr, Livet Hemma, greige, HomeWorkShop, La Dolce Vita.

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