Style Clash: Country Comfort Meets Simple Scandinavian


What happens when one style meets another? Is it catastrophe waiting to happen or is there hope for harmony?

That’s why we created Style Clash. Some design styles are more flexible; others force us to stretch outside our comfort zone. Each week we will offer tips for mixing competing styles successfully.

What do we mean by “successful”, you ask? If nothing seems strange, jarring or just plain ugly, then I’m all for it regardless of time period, colorway or material. I call it a successful Style Clash.

For our third installment in the Series we will mix Country with Scandinavian and see where we land.


A warm, cozy Country style kitchen (image above) welcomes every visitor with fresh-baked bread and hot cocoa. It is rustic elegance at its finest.

Although there are many shades of Country style (French, English, Rustic, Americana), the common thread throughout is muted colors, soft floral or striped patterned fabrics and primitive, relaxed furnishings. Everything appears ready-to-wear, comfortable and lived-in.


Lots of wood is a must – wide-plank floors, wall paneling and beam ceilings, left raw (image above) or painted a washed over white. A Country home usually shows wear and tear, with antique or flea market found objects as well as handmade pottery and baskets.


The sleek simplicity of Scandinavian style (image above and below) was born out of an attraction to easy, versatile living. It wasn’t just IKEA that woke our yearning for the efficient and uncluttered, but the Swedish surely know how to create fresh, clean and au natural interiors.


A Scandinavian room can range from the casual and aged to modern and new, but fresh and un-stuffy is key to interpreting this interior design style. High ceilings and large windows allow for the most sunlight, something yearned for in a country known for long winters, dreary days and very little natural light.

Combining these styles (top image) may seem impossible to imagine, but that’s why we are here. Style Clash turns this unlikely duo into a design marriage made in heaven.


The melding of Country with Scandinavian (image above and below) results in a crisp, casual and completely inviting room. Imagine the living and dining areas pictured here full of family and friends, fabulous food and great conversation. Notice the stone floors and wood beam ceilings, white walls and comfortable, warm carpet.


The clean, uncluttered and airy feel of Scandinavia melds seamlessly with the casual, rustic and aged attitude of Country. It’s subtle but significant. If I had to define the style mix, I’d call it bright and comfortable with a versatile, up-to-date agenda.

Meet me here next week as we continue to cruise the spectrum of interior design styles, two at a time. Ciao for now!

Images: Ina & Matt, Interior Divine, HGTV, Blackford and Sons, emmas designblogg.

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