The Hip Bag May Be Helpful But Is It Hot?

hip bag

Can a hip bag ever be a hip bag? I can’t help but raise the question since they keep showing up. Years peacefully pass and then, oh! There’s another fanny pack, I mean hip bag.

My first hip bag was a navy nylon number I wore while trudging through Europe with a backpack and Eurail pass. It was a safe spot for my passport, but try making a quick, sanitary stop in a public restroom with one of those clamped around your waist.

gucci fanny pack

Then Gucci came out with one a few years back and cleverly called it their “belt bag”. I spotted quite a few around town – then poof, they were gone.

But here they are again, this time in a practical, clever version at Etsy. Australia-based Happy Cow makes hip bags in all shapes and sizes using leftover leather scraps sourced from furniture manufacturers.

belt bag

Check out the Waist Pack ($60) with plenty of pockets for all your stuff. It’s not just for traveling. The Hip Bag ($70) is the latest, greatest version from Happy Cow. It fits through normal pant belt loops (for guys), or loose around the waist (for girls). Might I go out on a limb and consider it somewhat stylish?

I need to hear from you, my fellow fashionistas, to decide once and for all. It’s helpful, but is it hot?

Just don’t call it a fanny pack.

– via Design Milk

7 thoughts on “The Hip Bag May Be Helpful But Is It Hot?

  1. The way the first model is wearing it should be the way to wear it: low on the hips. Any higher would be a classic fanny pack. I may get one due to the fact I have to use a cane and it would be nice to have one hand free, but I would really have to be careful how I wear it and what I wear it with!

  2. Maybe they should make them waterproof if they fall in the toilet when you forget you’re wearing one?
    At the very least a quick release button.

  3. I think in Europe I’d feel more comfortable wearing it for some reason. But agreed, it does look better low around the hips….

  4. I’d like something for my keys etc when I go running.

    I still laugh whenever I hear the word “fanny pack”. In Australia we call it a “bum bag”. A “fanny” is quite different to a “bum” in Australian/UK usage. (Look it up coz I ain’t gonna say!)

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