Pot Your Plants in PAD’s Recycled Aluminum Pod

Say that six times fast, and then find your favorite pair of gardening gloves and let’s play with dirt. These pots are worthy of plenty of playtime.

Whether you want to grow your green indoors or out, the metal spun recycled aluminum Pod by PAD is the perfect planter. It’s sturdy, lightweight and powder coated in a choice of six sexy colors. (Say that six”¦never mind).

The Pod comes in two simple styles (both 16″ D x 10″ H). And if your space calls for it, choose one of the steel stands (15″ or 22″ high) for a layered effect. There’s something seriously eye-catching about these planters.

The Pod was officially unveiled at the Dwell on Design show in Los Angeles last weekend. It’s available to purchase at A + R (online or in the Venice showroom) for $156. The stands are $105 and $110.

I’ve never really thought of planting as playtime, but suddenly I’m feeling inspired.

via Josh Spear

2 thoughts on “Pot Your Plants in PAD’s Recycled Aluminum Pod

  1. What a cool, fun way to go green! These plant pots are eons better than my standard terra cotta pots.

  2. This is a cool way to go green! Plants help us, & we can use these recycled pots to hold them! What a neat idea!

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