Right Brain Terrain Says It, Simple & Green

No one annoys me more than a constant quoter of clichés. Especially irksome is the motivational kind of cliché – overused, inane and just plain tired.

When I’m in the midst of something challenging (good or bad), the last thing I need or want to hear is “when the going gets tough” or “when this is over you’ll look back and be grateful for it”. Um, I’m going to be sick now.

What is more likely to move me in those moments is actually much simpler than a silly statement. Something like a smile, a hug or just a pretty picture might provide me with the necessary attitude adjustment.

The Alternative Motivational Posters by Right Brain Terrain are the perfect pretty picture. Subtle, stylish, smart, without the ego. They aren’t attempting to be the answer, but rather help guide us through and toward our own answer.

According to the company website, the posters – serve as subtle reminders of our imperfect nature or of our personal victories. They can be our cheerleaders on good days and our coaches on bad ones. They are positive decorations for our occasionally monotonous lives.”

Printed on 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC-certified and chlorine-free papers, Right Brain Terrain is doing its part to go green. They use vegetable based inks and ship the posters in tubes made from 70-100% post consumer recycled content.

My favorites are Give, Integrity (image top), ___ the Planet and Peace. All Alternative Motivational Posters measure 18″ W x 24″ H and are available for $14.95 plus $6.95 shipping at Right Brain Terrain.

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