Judge This Buckle by Its Book Cover


Judge these belt buckles by their covers and all you’ll come up with is a serious case of eco, clever and fun. And maybe an urge to go to the library.

I’m a serious book lover, and these one-of-a-kind Literary Belt Buckles are too cute for words.

I call them the bookworm’s belt buckle because each one is made using a small part of the covers of various vintage library books – books long forgotten, discarded and headed right for your nearest landfill.

There’s the Studious Boy buckle and the Pediatric Nursing Textbook buckle. My favorite is the Firefly buckle (shown).

The cover images are set in pewter and protected with a thick layer of resin. Each buckle measures 2 ½” by 3 ¼” and fits a 1 ½” or 1 ¾” belt.

Maxine, Dear is the brainchild behind these buckles, which are yet another example of going green by resurrecting the old into something new and useful. Bravo!

Find your favorite buckle online for $32 at Rare Device or Maxine, Dear’s Etsy store.

via Poppytalk

2 thoughts on “Judge This Buckle by Its Book Cover

  1. This is so random that I should read your post after seeing your picture on Stumble only today in relation to our website. I found your site through Best Green Blogs. Anyway- Literary Belt Buckles are fabulous and a unique gift for the gal who has everything. I’ll pass this on. Thanks for the article!!
    Jordan MGH

  2. Hi Jordan: What a coincidence! I stumbled upon the MGH website and was impressed by your business. And you’re right in my neighborhood…talk about random!
    I’m so glad you found your way to EcoSalon and enjoyed what you saw. Come back again soon!


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