The Tote That Takes Your Laptop Traveling


With all things digital nowadays, it’s not surprising that my friend’s 12-year-old didn’t know you could still shoot 35 mm slides. Some of us remember when you couldn’t shoot anything but…

…but let’s move on. I have fond family memories of my dad’s slide shows. He’s a photo fanatic who never went anywhere without a camera or two. And much to my mother’s dismay, an entire wall of our garage was stacked with boxes of his slide carousels.


This would constitute a gold mine for Maura G of RedCamper. She creates all sorts of unique, one of a kind and cleverly unusual bags using vintage slides (image above).

The Skylark LTD. is her first laptop bag and it’s eco-friendly. Made with original vintage car upholstery, airplane seatbelt clips and vintage slides, it fits 15″ and smaller laptops, with extra space for the essential charger and cell phone.

Oh, and each of her bags comes with a naked lady. A slide, that is, of a naked lady, just like the one Maura G’s grandfather slipped into his slide shows to make sure no one was nodding off.

Find the Skylark LTD. laptop bag at RedCamper’s online store for $244.

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