Covered by Coconut


It seems logical to me – coconuts and good design. I’ve heard of stranger things, so when I heard that Bahia coconut shells were being used to produce an interior design surface material, I didn’t even flinch.

In fact, I thought it’s about time. Okay, not exactly, but it is innovative and ultra exotic.


is the Brazilian company responsible for these 100% natural, chemical-free, environmentally-sustainable tiles. The range of colors, textures and patterns must be witnessed first hand – words can’t quite do them justice. View the three lines – Aoba, Aoba Elements and Membira – to see for yourself.

From powder rooms to conference rooms, EKOBE tiles can be used for walls, furniture and flooring. Recommended for indoor use in low traffic areas, the number of potentially stunning style statements is endless. And the finished look is all kinds of sexy.


Detailed instructions for installing, finishing and maintaining the tiles are available on the website, and should be followed carefully. Ekobe tiles are available at Nemo Tile Company in New York.

via Josh Spear

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