Win One Give One – the TOMS Vegan Shoe Giveaway


Listen closely, because this might get confusing. When you buy a pair, you give a pair, and today at EcoSalon you just might win a pair. Got that?

I’ll start again. We’re giving away a TOMS gift card worth $50 toward the purchase of a pair of TOMS shoes.* Leave a comment to be entered.

TOMS Shoes are comfy, co-ed and some of them are vegan. More importantly, the company’s focus is on giving – One for One, to be exact.

For every pair of shoes you purchase, TOMS will give a pair to a child in need. Since 2006, when Blake Mycoskie was inspired to start the company, TOMS has given away over 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world.

It isn’t easy to move this cynical eco-chick, but the TOMS commitment to kids is quite meaningful and masterful. Mycoskie has inspired others to join his mission, which keeps the message growing“ยฆfar beyond the shoe itself.

I can’t help but feel inspired. Don’t you want to be a part of it too?

Leave a comment to enter the giveaway. One entry per person, the contest ends next Wednesday May 20 at midnight. Good luck!


* When using your gift card, please be mindful that not all TOMS shoes are eco-friendly. Look for the vegan styles here and here, including the Wrap Boot (image above).

107 thoughts on “Win One Give One – the TOMS Vegan Shoe Giveaway

  1. What a fantastic giveaway – Call me boring but I adore the canvas ones. Tried and true – similar to the boat shoes I love so dearly.

  2. Wowzer – I wonder how comfortable they are? I would imagine they are very durable and clean-up easy – plus, in so many colors, perfect with tons and tons of outfits!!

    Susan F.’s last blog post..Wordy Wednesday

  3. Have to agree with other posters- I’m infatuated with this idea and just haven’t saved up enough $$ to buy myself a pair yet. Thanks for giving us the opportunity win one!

  4. I have been wanting a pair of TOMs! I think it’s a great cause and will hopefully inspire others to follow his lead.

  5. I wonder how comfortable the boots are – because they look tres chic in a comfortable way! I surely hope I win!!

    Happy Thursday everyone!

  6. Seriously a fab fab giveaway – just think – if everyone bought a pair how many children we could help!

    Super thanks to you and Tom for the giveaway

  7. I’ve been seeing commercials about Toms Shoes. What a wonderful company to give away a pair of shoes for every pair purchased.

  8. I wrote about Toms a few months ago because I love the idea of the shoe drops and of giving back with every sale. Plus, the shoes themselves are really cute! If every company adopted this philosophy, the world would be in much better shape. Would love a free pair to spread the word on my feet! Thanks for doing this.

  9. TOMS has partnered with MonaVie too. Specially designed shoes and every pair that is sold send a pair to Brazil. It’s a cool company. Glad to see eco-friendly choices as well!

  10. I am surprised that a generous concept like Tom’s shoes is so successful! It goes to show that a company can create a great product that sells and help those who are in need.

  11. These are so amazing- I wish shoes like this would become more readily available in the public, it’s so hard to shop for shoes online.

  12. TOMS has given away over 140,000 pairs of shoes to children in need around the world. That is totally AWESOME! What a great way to give back ,Tom.

  13. The wrap shoes are really interesting. I have been looking at their webpage after seeing the commercial (I think it’s for cell phones, but the shoe message is much more memorable) Great company!

  14. What a great testimonial for socially responsible business practices. It only takes one person to start a movement, and Blake Mycoskie is certainly proof of that.

    ~ You can do well by doing good ~

    Kudos not only to Blake and TOMS shoes, but also to all those who support this movement by purchasing shoes from this company and spreading the word about its commitment.

  15. I think this is such a great idea, giving away a pair of shoes for each one purchased. I only wish more companies were willing to be so generous with their products. I have always been a big supporter of TOMS shoes and am so happy EcoSalon is too!

  16. I think that giving shoes to children is just awesome. There are many needy children out there. I have never owned a TOM shoe and I would like to try it. Thanks.

  17. I think that giving shoes to children is just awesome. There are many needy children out there. I have never owned a TOM shoe and I would like to try it. Thanks.

  18. One of the coolest commercials highliting effort from two extremely philanthropic company. Nice job guys!

  19. I have wanted to buy a pair of Tom’s shoes for awhile now…especially since they’ve started this amazing new program. However, I recently lost my job — so I have had to really cut back on my spending. I would just LOVE to win this contest!
    Thanks so much!

  20. I’ve yet to buy a pair of Tom’s but I love their business model of buy one/give one away. Their shoes look so comfy, and those wrap boots are awesome!

  21. I’ve been following TOMS for a couple of years now, and I am elated to see that so many people are taking an interest!

  22. I love eco friendly chicks. So hook this dude up with a pair of TOMS so i can get me some earthy crunchy hippie love

  23. I’ve seen the commercials and love the concept! One pair of shoes at a time can be a big step,right?

  24. you have blessed us once again by promoting Toms shoes. Buy one, Give one, is an incredible opportunity to pay it forward and bless someone else.
    thanks for reviewing the company ! I cant wait to try their shoes!

    cathy b
    projecthope 7 at gmail dot com

    Cathy B’s last blog post..Chris Tomlin video

  25. my vegan daughter will be celebrating her b’day soon. what a great gift a pair of Tom’s would make. hope its my (and her) lucky day.

  26. These shoes are the most compfy shoes ever. I had a pair in the picnic print, but I was watching a friend’s dog and they ate them. I am waiting for a new design I will like so I can get another pair. ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. Sheesh, I would love so much to win the TOMS giftcard. I’ve been wanting a pair of these for a while, just for the sole fact that I’d feel great knowing I’d be putting a pair of shoes on a child who needs shoes. Hopefully this contest is still up and I could potentially win.

  28. lol this all green stuff started when i bought a book for my grand son a book when santa turned greel teaches kids about going green it was gread and best of all my grand son is only 4 but he undrstands going green better now .. book by victoria perla…i found it at garden ridge store
    so niw i wnt to win those shoes!

  29. Toms doesn’t have enough vegan shoes made out of recycled plastic bottles and hemp. They used to and I hope they get back to that soon. There is only one mens style made in that fashion.

  30. I think that so often we in the states take for granted how privileged we are to not have to worry about things like shoes. It’s just a day to day thing, in fact the truth is I hate shoes. If they weren’t a social norm I would prob. go barefoot. But then again, I don’t remember this either: people in other countries don’t have the privilege of paved roads or green grass to walk on either, or even maybe a real floor in their house. We have all of that here, nothing to worry about. What Tom’s is doing is not only great for those who are less fortunate than us but is also a humbling reminder of how blessed we are as a country and how much I take for granted every day.

  31. what a coincidence! i just planned an outing with my friend for tomorrow because she wants to get a pair!
    this is such a lovely idea. we need to give back in ways like this more often.
    go toms!

  32. TOMS shoes are so cool. I’d die for a pair of TOMS. I’ve never had one!!! Can you believe it? So cute! and for such a good cause! They’ve given over 600,000 pairs of shoes since May 2006. Now that’s a lot of shoes. I hope I win. I wish more companies would have something similar to this movement. These shoes aren’t only super cute, but eco -friendly and help less-fortunate children around the world.

  33. Earle Organic Cotton Women’s Vegan were the pair I just bought on sale…I wish I could afford to get a better more neutral pair lol =)

  34. This is such a GREAT cause and a way for everyone to be able to help!! Thant’s the best feeling in the world. It is a blessing for someone to come up with this idea!! God Loves Everyone!!

  35. Hmm this is a smart idea to get ppl to help out the cause, I’m 17 nd I’ve never had TOMS because my dad doesn’t like them and he’s the one to buy me my shoes .__. but I’d like to try them out nd see how they are ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. I just love vegan TOMS all my friends have at least 2 pair ,but i don’t have 1 pair the way money is tight we can’t afford them.

  37. I am planning to get a pair of TOMS to wear while I volunteer teaching English in Ecuador this fall! I have never had a pair and I love the company’s beautiful mission! (:u00a0

  38. I love TOMS!!!! They are soooo comfortable and stylish!!!!!!! I especially love the reason why I buy them. Because everytime I buy one pair I know that a child who gets blisters everyday can finally be free from shoelessness!!!!! :DDDDD

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