Little Orphan Trudy Recycled Plates


Poor little plates, unwanted, unloved and discarded. That is, until Daddy Warbucks, or rather Christopher Jagmin gets hold of them. Then the magic happens.

Jagmin finds his “orphans” at estate and garage sales and flea markets. Any shape, size or pattern will do. A complete “makeover” follows that involves cleaning, polishing and the application of a 24K gold decal. Then to the kiln for firing.

Intended as art objects rather than place settings for your next party (with older, found ceramic plates there’s no way to know how they were made), Trudy Recycled Plates ($29 each) are adorably different and one-of-a-kind.

I’d use them to serve my boyfriend’s favorite cupcakes, or for a display of 2 or 3 candles on the coffee table. I’m sure you could think of something creative to do with a recycled treasure like Trudy.

To order, contact Christopher Jagmin and specify what you’re looking for – he’ll do his best to meet your needs.

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