Mollie Dash: the Name, the Jewels, the Green!


Before I proceed to all the drool-worthy jewels by Mollie Dash, can I just say, how great is her name? Mollie Dash. It’s a little like “Nancy Drew” – maybe that’s why I think it’s so cool.

Now that you’ve got way too much information on how I spent the majority of my youth, let’s get down to business.

Mollie Dash designs jewelry using “discarded, thrifted, donated and yard sale-derived materials.” The Five Strand Bracelet shown above ($130) is already in my shopping cart. It’s best described by the artist as “a lovely mix of various chains and knotted sections of Ethiopian brass beads”. Lovely is right on, as well as rough and rugged and sexy.


Another unique piece by Mollie Dash is her End of Day Necklace ($125) made using leftover chain scraps from her own studio. The Heart Locket Necklace ($120) is precious and the Triple Chain Necklace ($125) is spectacular; my favorite by far but it’s also sold out, sparing my bank balance.


Eco all around, Dash avoids leather and plastic, and when packaging her wares for shipment, she reuses anything she can find. She’s an artist whose life and home are as green as her work. What a catch and what a name!

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