Lounge for a Lifetime in Bamboo


Frank Gehry’s cardboard Wiggle Chair is a favorite of mine (unfortunately it’s not reclaimed or recycled – it was the 70s and 80s, of course), and there have been many attempts since to re-create something similar, but sustainably. I have yet to see such a strong resemblance as this.

The bamboo Lounge and Dining Chairs designed by Facundo Poj aren’t cardboard, but they are sustainable, as well as non-toxic and guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Cobra Lounge Chair (top image) is made using 7 layers of toxin-free engineered bamboo ply and measures 38″ l x 20″ w x 39″ h. I love the smooth, soft curves and open slat details. Same can be claimed by the Ofidio Dining Chair (below), but it has 23 layers of bamboo and measures 17″ l x 20″ w x 45″ h.


Four of these would look fabulous around any modernist or minimalist dining table. And I think one of the Cobra Lounge Chairs needs to somehow find its way into my living room. It’s way out of my current price range but very nice to look at. Nothing beats the look of the handcrafted.

Born in Argentina, Facundo Poj currently lives and works in Miami. For further details, pricing or to purchase, visit the designer’s website or the Avant Gallery.

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