A Purpose for Plastic: the RD Legs Chair


Like it or not, our planet is stuck with leftover plastic from years of oblivious consumption and waste. But rather than complain about the pile up, why not take the matter into your own hands?

Richard Liddle, of UK-based Cohda Design, did just that. He found a way to use trash to create something new and useful. Liddle took 100% recycled plastic trash, crushed it in a machine he specifically invented for the process, then re-heated it and formed it into a long, noodly strip.

He wrapped the strip (by hand) around and in and through some sort of cast model (think plaster of paris), let it dry and voila – the RD (Roughly Drawn) Legs Chair was born. No glues or additional anythings were used so it can be recycled again and again”¦possibly never to enter a landfill.


There were previous versions, in red, black, green, purple and mustard yellow, created in limited numbers, and all one of a kind. A few are still available for purchase. Email or call Cohda Design for more information or to purchase, as well as check Branch for availability.

Of course, we always say choose anything over plastic, any chance you get, but now rather than complaining about the past, let’s hear it for Richard Liddle and other innovative designers willing to push the envelope.

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