Grateful for a Little…Is a Lot


During a particularly frustrating period of my life years ago, I was told by a mentor, “It is virtually impossible to be grateful for a lot until you can be grateful for a little.” She went on to suggest I begin searching for the willingness to want what I have.

At first I didn’t get it. What’s the point, I wondered? What I wanted was relief, an explanation or concrete solution for my chronic discontent, not some silly ethereal quote on which to pontificate. But desperation breeds willingness and those of you who’ve had it, well, you know of what I speak.

Fast forward many years and I indeed am profoundly grateful for what I have, the small and big, trivial and tremendous, despite what is lacking.

This dainty Gratitude Necklace from VivaTerra reminds me of that time. The designer got the idea when melting down leftover gold scraps and a hole randomly formed. She engraved “thank you” on the back and threaded it with string.

Voilà! A recycled reminder to be thankful for all things, the Gratitude Necklace is available in gold with a red silk strand ($219) or silver with black ($149).

What are you thankful for today?

4 thoughts on “Grateful for a Little…Is a Lot

  1. Ditto @Amy.

    I’ve been in love with this necklace (the gold/red) since I first saw it. Wishlist!

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