Find Your Eco in a Lost & Found Stool


Lately I think I’m going through an earlier-than-mid-life slight case of feeling “lost”. Not lost as in lacking hope, but rather the lost that sits low in your stomach and nags until you can’t help but hear it whispering “Yes, do that thing you’ve been pondering. Do it now.”

This is how it happened that I found myself on the path toward green.

Maybe the guys at &made studio were listening to the same whisper in 2005 when they opened shop. Now “one of the UK’s freshest consultancies for ethically conscious contemporary design”, &made has an eco-attitude and steadfast commitment to change the world’s wasteful ways.


Their collection of Lost & Found Stools is clever and modern and speaks loudly to finding something new from what’s been long lost. The stools are made with discarded furniture and scraps of wood without a purpose. The end result is an eclectic group of artistic and functional seats. Go figure – there’s also a collection of Lost & Found Tables.

I’m smitten with these gems and impressed with the design savvy and focus of &made. Lost & Found Stools are available in a range of colors on commission only. Contact &made for details.

2 thoughts on “Find Your Eco in a Lost & Found Stool

  1. These are so strange! I like them. They’re like something I’d throw together out of the sheer laziness of trying any harder. Meaning, I’d find a scrap of this and a scrap of that and decide to just nail them together and make do.

    Now, would I pay top dollar to buy this? No. But it certainly inspires some DIY grooviness.

  2. …And that’s just what we’re here trying to do (inspire DIY and grooviness and thinking outside the box), right Sarah? But I could be motivated to pay top dollar, because it’s also a way to support independent artists and craftsman rather than the big retailers.

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