Mark Edge – Versatile Vintage Jewelry


He’s not new to the jewelry scene but there’s something about Mark Edge‘s eco-vintage wares that’s got everyone going gaga. Let’s have a look and find out why.

It isn’t just the word vintage or his Southern sensibilities that drive women wild. It might be the multidimensional yet simple sophistication of his designs, and the sensible prices definitely don’t hurt, either.

Edge’s eco-vintage style says something different to each person. All the pieces in his collection are made with bits and pieces of aged vintage chains and found objects. He works with sterling, copper and gunmetal plated or gold filled.


A mixture of this and that, old and new, each piece is unique with authentic patina and quite simple despite the combination of gathered materials. This jewelry collection is versatile enough for the glamour-girl or the edgy motorcycle chick and everything in between.

There’s the simplest chain and the more extraordinary; the clever and quirky and the soft and romantic.

Which  jewel fits you?

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