Housefish Has the Key to Modular Storage


The era of sprawling McMansions and their five-car garages is gone for good. We’ve recognized the need to downsize to a right-size that better serves our planet, and we’re acting accordingly.

Smaller homes may save energy and money, but they certainly don’t provide much storage space. So now we’re seeking something simple to assemble, lovely to look at, and of course sustainable, in which to put our stuff.

Look no further than Housefish and their Key Modular Storage.

The Key Module comes in three heights (short, medium and tall), making it suitable as a sideboard, TV console, bench or bookcase. Each module measures approximately 47″ W x 15″ D, while the height ranges from 17.5″ to 29″ high. They can be stacked up to five high (and secured with steel keys to ensure a solid structure), providing a plethora of possible combinations and storage solutions for work or home.


Made with FSC-certified maple plywood with a zero-VOC clear finish, the parts simply slide together without nails or screws. All you need is a hammer. Optional sliding powder coated metal doors come in eight colors that you can mix and match to your liking.

Key modules ship flat-packed using mostly recycled and recyclable materials. Cost per module ranges from $419 to $598 (free shipping in the U.S.). Available for purchase at the Housefish website.

via Jetson Green

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