One-Two-Three, Grow Me a Tree


I have two thumbs and neither one is green, in any way, shape or form. Nature and plush, pretty gardens fill me with joy, but don’t let me anywhere near a shovel or pruning shears – tragic mishaps are likely to occur.

I’ve been responsible for many a premature death due to my apparent lack of “intuition” when it comes to growing green things. But even I could probably take on a Grow Me a Tree and nurture it through adolescence and into adulthood.

The Silver Birch seeds arrive “grow ready” in a compostable brown sack filled with soil. Rip off the top of the sack and care for the seeds (i.e. water, assure proper sunlight exposure, etc.) until the tree is mature enough to plant outside. Seems easy enough. But please note that the Silver Birch can grow as tall as 30 feet high. Plant carefully.

Despite my trepidation, I ordered one for myself and plan to focus as if the future of the planet depends on it. If others followed suit, and each grew a tree, what a wonderful world it might turn out to be.

Find the Grow Me a Tree at snowhome for approximately $8.50 (plus $15 shipping from the U.K. to the U.S.).

via Nigel’s Eco Store

One thought on “One-Two-Three, Grow Me a Tree

  1. A tree shipped from the UK to the USA? Good lord, let’s not import trees! I could just imagine some british bug hitching a ride on that tree. Seriously, i would support this if it was available at the local garden shop here in Virginia, USA.

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